Why is spray foam insulation the better alternative?

What-is-Spray-Foam-Insulation1In the average home, enough air to fill two Goodyear blimps escapes every day. This means that during cold winter months, the air inside your house that you are paying good money to heat, is being lost tothe cold outdoors each and every day!

For those of you who live in older homes, as much as 50% your heating and cooling bills could be attributed to air leakage. Even new homes with standard insulation could be losing hundreds of dollars-worth of heating and cooling costs through their walls every year!

All of this is due to conventional fibre insulation’s poor ability to restrict air leakage. As a result, this reduced R-value contributes to costly energy loss, moisture build-up, and even the transfer of airborne pollutants and pollens into your home.

Spray foam, on the other hand, does what conventional insulation cannot do by expanding to fill cracksor potential areas of air leakage, thus virtually eliminating infiltration. Additionally, because of its waterproof characteristics, spray foam is able to address moisture issues that conventional insulation cannot.

By maintaining comfortable humidity levels and guarding against air leakage in the cold and dry wintermonths, as well as keeping a cool and dry indoor climate during the peak of summertime heat and humidity, the benefits of spray foam remain substantial year round. All these factors combine to save you serious money in your home’s energy costs.

Spray Foam – Building Envelope

The building envelope is a system of construction materials and design components that work together in order to control the temperature, air movement, and moisture flows of a building. The “envelope” allows the flow in and out of a building to be pre-determined according to design, resulting in a morestable, comfortable, and healthy indoor environment for its dwellers.


Who We Are:

North Star Fibre Inc., privately owned by CanAm Holding Company produces high quality cellulose from  100% recycled paper fibre offering a safe, durable and cost effective solution to your insulation needs.
Our quality policy is to produce and deliver on time, our cellulose insulation products and services that  meet or exceed customer expectations. We have implemented quality systems and processes that are  continuously improved to satisfy customers' needs.
Using new modern and advanced technologies in our plant make us leaders in the insulation industry.  Total computerization of our plant, a dedicated staff, and a commitment to continuous improvement  ensures that only the best products are shipped to the consumer. Always!

The North Star Fibre Commitment:

At North Star Fibre, we are committed to our cellulose insulation product and put 100% of our research, effort, production and service into this one product. We guarantee that if our cellulose insulation is  properly installed, it will retain its thermal resistance, fire retardant and non-corrosive characteristics  as well as its ability to control sound.
North Star Fibre Inc. is dedicated to producing the highest quality cellulose in the world from a company  you can trust. We are well on our way to turning what has previously been a 'specialty environmentally  friendly product' into a major player in the building products industry.  North Star Fibre's natural fibre insulation offers many environmental benefits being produced from  100% recycled paper fibre. Produced with no harmful chemicals, our cellulose insulation provides a  safe and cost effective option for builders, installers and DIYers.
Some people think of cellulose as a relatively low-tech material. On the contrary, with new technologies,  such as attrition mills, chemical mills and state of the art bagging systems, the cellulose process technology  used at North Star Fibre Inc. is very sophisticated. Our specially designed mills separate cellulose fibres  producing less dust as well as more uniform fibres for maximum air blockage capabilities.  At North Star Fibre, 100% of our focused energy, time and effort go into producing our one main product:  cellulose insulation. Hence we do it well!

Architectural Drawings


Benefits of Spray Foam

By saving you on costly utility bills, strengthening the integrity of your home, and protecting the health of your family against dangerous molds, airborne pollutants and allergens, spray foam insulation stands head and shoulders above its counter-parts in the insulation industry.

Spray Foam:

Eliminates air and moisture infiltration
Maintains a comfortable climate in your home
Saves on energy costs
Strengthens the structure of a building
Is permanent; it does not “sag” over time
Acts as a barrier against dust and pollen
Reduces capacity requirements, maintenance and wear of HVAC equipment




Power Smart Home Insulation Program

Our Home Insulation Program offers rebates to homeowners who add insulation to their existing home. Eligible homeowners may receive a portion of the insulation cost. Follow these 3 steps to start saving:

  1. Qualify.
  2. Insulate.
  3. Get a rebate.

To qualify for the rebate:

To help you determine the most cost-effective insulation upgrade and other energy efficient improvements, assess your energy use with a Power Smart Home Energy Evaluation. You can complete the information online or order a mail-in assessmentSURVEY.

Find more information on insulation in our how-to videos and booklets.


Your home qualifies if:

  • you are the homeowner and the home has an active Manitoba Hydro account;
  • it is detached, semi-detached, or a mobile/modular home on a permanent foundation with a permanent water supply, and intended as a residence;
  • it is your principal residence or your tenant's principal residence.

Projects that are not eligible for this program:

  • homes built in 1999 or later;
  • homes under construction, unoccupied homes, apartment buildings, summer homes or cottages, attached garages, outbuildings, porches, verandas, or sunrooms;
  • projects already in progress or those that have been completed at the time we receive the project application;
  • projects to replace existing insulation.

We may visit and inspect your home at any time from the date ofAPPROVAL until 12 months after installation. We also reserve the right to change or terminate the Home Insulation Program at any time.

Pre-approval from Manitoba Hydro is required to be eligible for the rebate.

Power Smart Insulation Requirements

Insulation must be new, purchased in Canada, and must have a verifiable R-value as determined by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (open new window).

To qualify for a Home Insulation Program rebate, insulation must meet the following Power Smart levels:

  • Attics – existing insulation must be R-30 or less
    • the final R-value for attic insulation must reach R-50;
    • the final R-value for flat and cathedral ceilings must reach R-28;
    • insulation added above total final R-value of R-50 will not be rebated for attics, flat, and cathedral ceilings;
    • a minimum of 100 sq. ft. must be insulated;
    • projects that include replacement of existing insulation are only eligible for the additional R-value added.
  • Attic kneewall (vertical wall) – existing insulation must be R-8 or less
    • the final R-value for kneewall must reach R-24;
    • a minimum of 100 sq. ft. must be insulated.
  • Foundation walls
    • natural gas, propane, fuel oil, or wood heated home foundations must be uninsulated to be eligible;
    • homes using electricity as their sole heating source must have existing insulation of R-12 or less;
    • the final R-value for foundation insulation must reach R-24;
    • insulation added above total final R-value of R-24 will not be rebated;
    • a minimum of 100 sq. ft. must be insulated.
  • Wall cavities
    • the final R-value for wall cavity must reach R-10;
    • a minimum of 100 sq. ft. must be insulated;
    • projects that include replacement of existing insulation are only eligible for the additional R-value added.
  • Exterior walls – when re-siding
    • the added R-value for exterior wall insulation must be a minimum of R-3.75;
    • maximum allowable added R-value for rebate is R-10;
    • a minimum of 100 sq. ft. must be insulated.

How to Take Part

Step 1: qualify

  1. Determine which area(s) of your home that you would like to insulate:
    • attic;
    • foundation;
    • exterior walls.
  2. Decide whether you will do-it-yourself or hire a contractor.

Discuss your insulation project with your retailer or contractor. Be prepared with these details:

  • the square foot measurement of your home;
  • the year your home was built;
  • your Manitoba Hydro account number;
  • what type of heating your home has;
  • the square foot measurement of the area to be insulated;
  • the existing R-value of the area to be insulated (read about R-value in our how-to booklets).

Your retailer/contractor will:

  • complete the required Home Insulation Program Rebate Application with you;
  • obtainPRE-APPROVAL for your project;
  • contact you when your insulation project has beenAPPROVED.

We may conduct a pre-installation verification beforeAPPROVAL is issued.

We offer detailed information about insulating measures and procedures for your home. For more information contact us at 1-888-MBHYDRO(1-888-624-9376) or contact your local district office.

Step 2: insulate

Once you have receivedPRE-APPROVAL, you can begin your project.

You will need to:

  • obtain all required building or electrical permits or ensure the primary contractor has done so (if you are unsure whether an electrical permit is required, contact your Manitoba Hydro district office);
  • ensure that the work meets the requirements of the Manitoba Building Code, all applicable bylaws, and is acceptable to inspection authorities;
  • select the materials to complete your project, or supervise the work of your contractor.

All installation and associated renovation work must be completed within 18 months ofAPPROVAL of your Home Insulation Program Rebate Application.

We will not act as mediator should you find your contractor's work unsatisfactory.

Step 3: get a rebate

Once you have completed your insulation project, you can submit your paperwork for a rebate.

You will need to submit:

  • the original, two-page, signed Home Insulation Program Rebate Application and Calculation Schedule;
  • all original receipts for insulation materials.

The form must include your contractor's or retailer's signature. The form must be sent to us within 30 days of finishing the installation.

We will process your rebate once you have submitted the appropriate paperwork. It may take up to 8 weeks.


Once you have completed your insulation project, you can submit your paperwork for a rebate.

You will need to submit:

  • the original, 2-page, signed Home Insulation Program Rebate Application and Calculation Schedule;
  • all original receipts for insulation materials.

The form must include your contractor's or retailer's signature. The form must be sent to us within 30 days of finishing the installation.

We will process your rebate once you have submitted the appropriate paperwork. It may take up to 8 weeks.

You can receive your rebate as either a cheque or as a credit on your energy account. If you have any outstanding balances or loans with us, your rebate will be applied as a credit to the balance on your loan or energy account.

PRE-APPROVEDrebate total(s) are conditional and final rebates are calculated from the invoices received at time of rebate. Total rebate(s) for each area insulated cannot exceed the cost of the insulation material required to meet Power Smart standards.

If a Power Smart Residential Loan has been used toFINANCE the insulation project the rebate will be applied to the loan.

We may conduct a post-installation inspection before paying out the rebate.

Calculate Your Rebate

Step 1:
Select the primary energy source for heating.
Step 2:
Select the areas of your home you plan to upgrade.
Step 3:
Fill in all required fields for each area to be insulated (Area to be insulated, Original R-value, Added R-value).

Note: Other than decimal points, do not enter any other non-numeric characters (commas, dollar signs, etc.) in the entry boxes. Doing so will cause an error.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible for a rebate under the Home Insulation Program ("HIP"):
    1. All HIP Rebate Applications (the “Application”), which includes the HIP Rebate Calculation Schedule, must be pre-approved by Manitoba Hydro (“MH”) prior to the removal of existing insulation, any insulation material being purchased, or any insulation measures being started.PRE-APPROVEDupgrades will be issued an ApplicationAPPROVAL number from MH. To apply for preAPPROVAL, Owner must complete: (i) Owner Information; (ii) Residence Information; (iii) How did you learn about this program; (iv) Owner Statement; and (v) HIP Rebate Calculation Schedule, of the Application, and submit same to MH;
    2. Within thirty (30) days after the completion of a pre-approved insulation project, the Application must be completed and received by MH accompanied with all required supporting invoices and original receipts with respect to the material and measures for which Owner is claiming a rebate, all in accordance with these terms and conditions;
    3. The Owner must be an owner of the Residence in which the insulation upgrade is taking place, and the Residence must be occupied and have an active MH residential electricity or natural gas account.
    4. To qualify as an electrically heated home the home must utilize electricity as the sole source of heating;
    5. Any upgrade for which a rebate is being claimed must be completed at the Residence specified on the front page of this Application;
    6. Any and all materials used for any insulation project must be new, purchased in Canada, and must have a verifiable R-value, as evaluated by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (“CCMC”);
    7. The Residence must be the principal residence of the Owner or tenant(s) of the Owner, and must be a detached or semi-detached home, or a mobile/modular home on a permanent foundation with a permanent water supply and intended for human habitation, built prior to 1999;
    8. Installation of materials must be completed within eighteen (18) months of the date of issuance of an ApplicationAPPROVAL number from MH.
  2. Only one Application per insulation measure (attic, walls, foundation) per Owner will be accepted. Insulation upgrades to seasonal residences, attached garages, outbuildings, porches, verandas, sun-rooms, or other types of dwellings do not qualify and are not eligible for any rebate.
  3. MH has the right to conduct a pre-installation and post-installation evaluation of the Residence and any and all materials and measures to determine whether pre-approval may be granted and/or whether any rebate will be issued.
  4. The issuing of an Application approval number in no way binds MH to grant or pay a rebate where HIP terms and conditions have not been met, or information in an Application is determined by MH to be inaccurate or incorrect.
  5. MH reserves the right to visit and inspect the Residence at any reasonable time from the date of an Application, until twelve (12) months after installation of the insulation materials.
  6. The requirements for insulation upgrades are specified in the Rebate Calculation Schedule.
  7. Rebates will be calculated based upon the information and calculations set forth in the Rebate Calculation Schedule, subject to MH’s acceptance/revision of same. In determining the amount of any rebate, the applicable R-value listed by the CCMC at the time of rebate calculation shall be used. In no event shall any rebate exceed the purchase price of applicable installed insulation materials. Any rebate, if paid, will be paid to the Owner.
  8. Rebates will be applied first to any outstanding amounts of the Owner with MH in the following order: (i) MH loan arrears; (ii) MH account balances. Otherwise, the Owner will have the option of receiving the rebate as a credit or cheque or payment to a MH loan principal, as selected on the front page of the Application. Rebates in the amount of less than $200 will be issued as a credit to the Owner’s MH energy account.
  9. Where a MH loan has been utilized toFINANCE the insulation project or a portion of the insulation project, the rebate will be applied to the MH loan.
  10. MH’s decisions relating to acceptability of insulation materials and/or measures, qualification or eligibility of rebate application, and amount of rebate, shall be final and binding and not subject to appeal.
  11. The Owner agrees that the selection, purchase, installation and ownership/maintenance of the materials and measures listed in the Application are its sole responsibility and that the supplier/installer of same is not affiliated with MH or Power Smart. The Owner understands that MH and Power Smart make no representation or warranty, whether expressed or implied, of any insulation materials or measures that the Owner has chosen to install and claim a rebate for. The Owner agrees that MH has no liability concerning (i) the quality, safety, and/or installation, of the insulation materials or measures; (ii) the estimated energy savings of the materials or measures; (iii) the workmanship of any third parties; (iv) the installation, use, or fitness for the Owner’s purposes of the materials or measures; and/or (v) the eligibility of any material or measure for any rebate.
  12. The Owner agrees that MH has the right to claim anyEMISSION reduction (greenhouse gas) credits that may result from the insulation measures installed.
  13. The Owner is responsible for meeting all HIP requirements and complying with any laws, regulations, or by-laws regarding permits, codes, restrictions, or inspections in relation to materials or measures installed.
  14. All materials must be purchased and/or installed by a contractor or retailer registered as a MH Power Smart supplier.
  15. MH reserves the right to change or terminate the HIP at any time without notice. An Application submitted prior to a change or termination will be administered in accordance with the HIP as it existed effective as of the date of the Application.

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