CWSF uses Foamsulate™ ECO which is an insulation system designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It is designed to provide significant control of air infiltration along with a high R-value per inch. It also quickly expands to fill the cracks, crevices, gaps and voids that exist in every structure, and will conform to the curves, irregular surfaces and spaces to form a superior thermal envelope around your entire structure.


CWSF insulates all types of houses, and depending on the style and age of your home, we can upgrade the insulation in your exterior walls, attic, basement or crawl space, paying special attention to vapour sealing and ventilation.


Before 1930, the exterior walls of most houses were empty. If you have one of those houses, your walls could be drilled (usually from the outside) and filled. After 1930, most houses have a minimal amount of insulation in the walls, and other options can be considered individually.


Basements and crawl spaces offer some flexibility in terms of which insulation product to use. Depending on how the space will be used, your estimator can consider which combination of spray foam insulation or batting is most appropriate. The headers of the joists are often where drafts occur, and are usuallyinsulated with spray foam.

Wood frame walls are often needed, and if the homeowner would like to do the work themselves then our staff can provide guidance.


Reasons for removing existing attic insulation:

  1. Continual exposure to moisture, whether caused by condensation or roof leakage, in the attic.
  2. High humidity conditions and it is determined that spray foam insulation needs to be applied to the entire attic floor
  3. Electrical work is to be done and the contractors preference is to have the insulation removed.
  4. Renovations are being done and the insulation is in the way
  5. Damage done by vermin such as mice, squirrels, raccoons, or pigeons attic insulation.


At CWSF, we use infra-red thermal camera to help determine sources of heat loss or inadequate insulation. Pictures can be taken from the inside or outside of the house. The winter is the best time to take infra-red pictures because that is when there is a significant difference in temperature.


An attic insulation upgrade is not complete until ventilation is considered. Ice, frost and condensation in an attic can damage structures and can result in wet or moldy insulation. Damp insulation will not perform as efficiently as well as it should. When venting is done properly, it will helps to remove humidity and moisture in the winter and excess heat in the summer.


At Charleswood Spray Foam and Charleswood Roofing we also offer rooftop snow removal, which we believe should be a priority before it melts and those water trapping cause ice dams.

Ice dams are effectively removed by using high temperature steam, which is safe for shingles and the roof structure.

In the future, it is recommended that upgrading your attic insulation and ventilation will help prevent ice dam formation in the future.

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